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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Freebie Papers: Going Around In Circles

Just having a play on my laptop and going around in circles...Not sure what size these are...but I've called this one "Cosmic" It makes you go a little cross eyed! Save to your computer...here's some more...
Just Circles
Black, White and Grey

I Picked This For You Bear #4025

I picked this for you bear....this one comes without the writing too.

 I Picked This For You Bear  #4025 .99p

Spyder's Other Corner: Blue Bell Fairy. #4027

Blue Bell Fairy    #4027



Juggling Easter Egg Funny Bunny #4026

Juggling Easter Egg Funny Bunny, he looks like he's having fun!!

Juggling Easter Egg Funny Bunny! #4026


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Spyder's Corner Mia The Mermaid #4029

Here's Mia The Mermaid. # 4029  .99p

Eddy Bear With Posy #4023

Here's Eddy Bear who's just picked some flowers from the garden for someone!
Eddy Bear #      99p

Spyder's Corner: (Almost!) Bare Bear #4024

Bare Bear is giving you a wave!!

Bare Bear #4024  99p

Tut-Tut Birdie #4022

Tut Tut Birdie Heart Wing Button-Patch. Okay...a bit of a long winded name, but one birdie that won't fly away! I think we'll call him...

Tut-Tut Birdie. # 4022 .99p

Heart Wing Button Stitchie Tweet-Tweet Bird #4021

This Little birdie has a very long name! But he won't take long to colour, either with your favourite pens or on the computer!

Suzy from IkesWorld has been busy making this ATC (Artist Trading Card, about the size of a playing card) using a paper pieced Heart Wing Tweet Tweet Bird and added him to a freebie Bird House from Beccys Place

 Heart-Wing Button Stitchie Tweet-Tweet Bird  #4021 .99p

Please note: Please do not share any un-water marked digi free or otherwise on any sharing site, only download them to your computer!

Hug A Patch Pup # 4020

here's Patch, Hug a Pug's kennel mate! Thought he'd look nice with a bit more black.
Hug A Patch Pup: #4020 .99p

Hug A Pug #4019


 This little fellow just wants to give you a hug!

Hug A Pug Digital Stamp  #4019 .99p

Buzzie Bee Flowers #4018

Here's some more flowers, with faces this time and a buzzie bee!
 Edwina's beeeen very Bizzzzzy again with this lovely card!!

Buzzie Bee Flowers  #4018    .99p

Fluffy Bunny With Flower Pot #4017

Here's a cutie little bunny holding a flower pot. I found this unfinished drawing in with my dad's arty stuff, so I joined up the dots and added my own touch and, here he is!
This lovely card was created by Chrissy's Cardland. Lovely card Chrissy! I love all that detail!!
 I made the pink card below, but didn't include the 'ground'. I often wonder if the digi's should have some 'ground' or a floor. Maybe from now on, most of my digi's won't have ground... although, I do love the way Chrissy has coloured hers!

And this lovely soft blue Easter Card was made by Craftysuze!

Fluffy Bunny With Flower Pot  #4017  99p

Boot Garden Digital Stamp #4016

I'm not sure who lives in this shoe, maybe Ike, who made this fabulous banner using this digi, Scarry Mummy and Little Mushroom Street, which I just have to show you again. Eagle eyed bloggers might notice that the Little Mushrooms digi is a little different...I've now added a few more flowers.

Garden Boot digi 4016  £1.99

With Love Flowers #4015

Flowers always come in useful, so here's a bunch!
With Love Flowers #4015


This Weeks Favourite Digi Fishing Cat (with Gnome) #3973

Thought I'd bring Fishing Cat (with Gnome) up to the front this week, as he seems to be this weeks favourite (ooh I wonder why!) I must admit I did a jig when I saw him in Quick Cards Made Easy Magazine!!!

This digi came from an idea I had for one of my cartoons drawn many years ago, when our two cats Gizmo and Frog, spent a few days (in cartoon world) trying to catch the fish in our tiny pond in the front garden using harpoons, butterfly nets and in the end stealing the fishing rod from the Gnome (we used to make gnomes!)
One day (In real life) the pond sprung a mysterious leak, which led to me building a much larger pond in the back garden that still survives today. I think the cartoons ended up in one of those freebie local papers. We never found out how the hole really got there, but the cats would spend hours waiting or hoping that the water would drain away and leave the fish sitting in the mud at the bottom! Strange how those little balls of moggie-fluff mould our lives!

This lovely card was made by Leeann from Paper Dolls

Fishing Cat (With Gnome!) #3973  99p

Sunday, 10 March 2013

This Week: Spyder's Other Corner Sponsors...Robin's Fetish!

Robyn's fetish challenge blog-birthday Cards!
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Are they just fabulous!!!

Cards made by the Robyn Fetish Design Team.