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Friday, 26 August 2011

Beach Hut/Out House Digi 3946

Nice little Beach Hut or Out House Digi. 99p

Posts Background Digital Stamp 3945

Nice set of posts for a lovelly background. 99p

Poochie Digital Stamp 3944

Poochie digi. Only 99p

Sea Horse Digital Stamp #3943

 I printed these seahorses onto acetate and paper, flipped the image so there's a sea horse image on both sides. There's nylon fishing line between the images so they can hang. (or 'float')

 This fabulous card was made by Kimberly, after she flipped the image too!

And I made this one using lots of Cosmic Shimmer Mist, Stickles, micro fine glitter and beads

Sea Horse #3943.  99p

Skull Island Digital Stamp 3942

Skull Island Digi and only 99p

Pirate Panda Digital Stamp 3941

This fabulous card was made by Chrissy from Chrissy's Cardland!

This lovely card was made by Anne from Copper Beach Crafts!

And here's one that I made!

Pirate Panda, isn't he ggrrr-eat!? Only 99p.

Wizard Whisker Cat Digital Stamp 3940

This is cutie Wizard Whisker Cat and only 99p. 

Back 2 Skool Mole Digital Stamp 3939

This is Digger the little 'back 2 skool' mole. I made this card and coloured a 3D Digger with Promarkers. I printed out the sentiment on the computer.

Back 2 Skool, Digger The Mole!   #3939


Scarecrow Digital stamp 3938

This fabulous card was made by Chrissy, I love that netting!

Kim made this gorgeous card!  Justz Wordz
 Scarecrow with some of his friends 
only 99p