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Please also note... you need a printer!!

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Hi Crafty Peoples! Just a quick note to remind you that this website does not do instant downloads and depends on me spotting your emails and sending them off to you asap, which was ok when I was here 24/7 but not so good now when I'm out all day doing 'other things.' This last month I've had next to no Internet! Please, if you haven't received your digi/s by the end of the day, send me another email with Digi not arrived! in subject line. this should solve the problem. And, one more thing! YOU NEED A PRINTER! Happy Crafting, ((Lyn))

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Purrrdy Cat Digital Stamp. #3965

Purrdy Cat Digital Stamp. Drawn in quite a thick pen and then 'tidied' with my Wacom. Great for kiddies to colour.

Just Head Ted Birthday Digial Stamp #3964

This is Ted...with Just his head and carrying a Happy Birthday Banner

Moon Monster Digital Stamp #3963








 'What's in this box Nanny?' asked Oliver. 'All of my oridginal drawings Ollie.' sez me.

'Can I paint this one?'    Umm??

And he did!

   Moon Monster! Great for your little monsters and big monster's birthday cards!! .99p

Monday, 28 November 2011

Merry Kittenmas Digital Stamp #3962

This is "Merry Kittenmas" taken from an idea drawn by my youngest daughter when she was just eleven. The drawing was of our little puss-cat 'Frog' when she was a kitten.


Saturday, 26 November 2011

New Home Digital Stamp #3961

'New Home' digital stamp. Comes to you in JPeg and PNG, which means you can print the house straight onto some 'sky' backing paper and save on the colouring if you have a simple graphics program! Here's one I've coloured on the computer.
Mrs A, Valery Anne Designs (It's An Alien Life) made this fabulous card!!

New Home Digital Stamp #3961 .99p

Christmas Snowman (with robin) #3960

This is Christmas Snowman. The Lovely Card was made by Chrissy! She has used pearls for the snow!
This digi comes to you as a jpeg and a png. 99p

Friday, 25 November 2011

Just Head Ted (Merry Christmas) #3959

This is 'Just Head Ted' I've done quite a few of him and hopefully all his 'brothers and sister's will join him in the store very soon. They all carry different banners.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Christmas Stocking Bear Digital Stamp 3958

This is Christmas Stocking Bear. He's either delivering pressies to his friends or maybe he's just received some from Santa! He comes in both Jpeg and PGN (with a clear background) Here's the jpeg I coloured in Photoshop. Can't wait to find him on a card!

Roody The Reindeer Digital Stamp #3957

Here comes Roody The Reindeer, who sometimes helps Rudolph out on very misty nights! I've coloured him with PhotoShop, but you will have to colour him in yourself. He comes in both jpeg and PNG (with a clear back ground)

Only 99p

Koko The Koala Digital Stamp # 3956

This is Koko the Koala. Great for all sorts of cards! He comes in both
Jpeg and PNG (with a clear background)
This fabulous creation was made by Christina Bennett from South Euclid. USA! I love all those hearts!!!

This card, was made for her dad, by Christina, I love the fix it papers!


Koko The Koala #3956  .99p

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Policeman in his car (Passed Driving Test) #3955

Mr 'Plod' the policeman has passed his driving test and can't wait to drive his new car!
Only £1. 99p

Policeman in his Car 3954

This is Jamie in his little Police Car. Only 99p

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Merry Chris Digital Stamp #3966

This is Merry, Chris...wishing you a Merry Christmas!

First seen in the store in 2011!
Merry Chris .99p