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Hi Crafty Peoples! Just a quick note to remind you that this website does not do instant downloads and depends on me spotting your emails and sending them off to you asap, which was ok when I was here 24/7 but not so good now when I'm out all day doing 'other things.' This last month I've had next to no Internet! Please, if you haven't received your digi/s by the end of the day, send me another email with Digi not arrived! in subject line. this should solve the problem. And, one more thing! YOU NEED A PRINTER! Happy Crafting, ((Lyn))

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Eggly The Easter Egg Chick #4031

Here's Eggly The Easter Egg Chick. I think he's eaten too much chocolate!
Comes to you as a jpeg and PNG, with clear background.

Eggly #4031 .99p

Monday, 12 March 2012

Magic Tree #3977

Here's my Magic Tree. I'm always scared my pencil drawings, once inked up, won't look the way I want them to, but I'm quite pleased with this one. I know there's a little mouse who lives in the mushroom, but who lives in the tree I wonder!?

Magic Tree 1.99

Fairy Dust Door #3979

Here's my Fairy Dust Door. Who can spy the spider!?! I wonder where it leads too?! I've also drawn a Fairy Wall to go with it. You can print the door over the wall using the PNG clear background.
Fairy Dust Door .99p

Fairy Wall #3978

I made this Fairy Wall to go with the Fairy Dust Door.

Fairy Wall .99p

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Have A Mice Birthday!

I couldn't wait to add this to the next Spyder has Spyed post over on Spyder's Corner, so thought, I'd add it here. This clever card was made by Cely, it's her Birthday!! (Happy Birthday Cely!!) using my Birthday Mice digi (with just one of the mices!) That Mouse has definitely had far too much cheesecake! Pop over to Creating In Carolina to see more of Cely's fabulous creations!!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Little Easter Bunny #3976

Here's little Easter Bunny hugging an Easter egg. I wonder where he'll hide it?!

This lovely card was made by Linda Dale from Fruit Of My Hands

 And this bright card with those sparkling flowers was made by Paper Dolls

Little Easter Bunny .99p

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Leprechaun On A Toadstool #3918

Just thought I'd up date this little Leprechaun on a Toadstool, I was quite pleased with this little Irish man! The Freebie papers I used in the making of this card came from  Summer Driggs  'Owl always Have Spring' 
Leprechaun on a Toadstool. #3918
Only 99p