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Hi Crafty Peoples! Just a quick note to remind you that this website does not do instant downloads and depends on me spotting your emails and sending them off to you asap, which was ok when I was here 24/7 but not so good now when I'm out all day doing 'other things.' This last month I've had next to no Internet! Please, if you haven't received your digi/s by the end of the day, send me another email with Digi not arrived! in subject line. this should solve the problem. And, one more thing! YOU NEED A PRINTER! Happy Crafting, ((Lyn))

Friday, 22 October 2010

Haunted House Digital Stamp #3981

Here's a great Spooky House! Just right for Halloween!
Thistle Blue has made this fab card using the spooky haunted house as a background!

 Fit Kitty made this fabulously spooky card using Haunted House !!

Haunted House .99p

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Christmas Tree Digital Stamp

Started your Christmas cards yet? Here's a Christmas tree that will make the perfect background! The lovely card was made by Crafty Linby using this digi!
Christmas Tree .99p

Cute Snowman with Pressie (and Robin)

Here's a shy, but very cute snowman with a Christmas pressie.
Digital Stamp .

Jolly Snowman Digital Stamp

Here's a Jolly Snowman Just .99p

Tracey From Crafty Corner has made this fabulous card and flipped the image!
He looks so cool!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Follow the Leader Baby Elelphants Digital Stamp #3886

This lovely card was made by Dorcas, of Dorcas Designs,

and Ali won one of my didi digi challenges with this cute card!

I've lost the link to this one! But it was saved as Tuesday Taggers, is it yours??

This is fabulous! It was made my Val and you can find this card on her lovely blog here
Thank you for making my digi look sooo fabulous Val!!

Following the Leader. A line of trooping baby elephants Digi Stamp. Only 99p.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Penguin with Misletoe Digital Stamp #3885

Cute Penguin with Misletoe only 99p

Scarry Mummy Digital Stamp #3884

I just had to add your scarr-ry card Susie!!

Scarry Mummy digital stamp only 99p

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Penguin with Fish Digital Stamp #3883

Cute Penguin with a fishy Christmas pressy for someone!
Only 99p

Waving Santa Digital Stamp #3882

Carolynne's used five of my digi's here and made door hangers. Aren't they brilliant! She's also made this diamond fold card, love the gold!

Waving Santa. Only 99p

Penguin with Stocking and Pressie Digital Stamp. # 3881

Another Penguin for Christmas. Only 99p

Pressie Penguin Digital Stamp. #3880

Elaine over on Simpli Crafti made this lovely card. She won the digi in one of my digi Challenges. I added a little bit of extra snow! Isn't he just br-br-brrrilliant!!

Lovely Pressie Penguin Digi....Only 99p

Flower Mouse Digital Stamp.#3878

I love this Thank you card made by Carole!

Cute little flower mouse. Only .99p