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Hi Crafty Peoples! Just a quick note to remind you that this website does not do instant downloads and depends on me spotting your emails and sending them off to you asap, which was ok when I was here 24/7 but not so good now when I'm out all day doing 'other things.' This last month I've had next to no Internet! Please, if you haven't received your digi/s by the end of the day, send me another email with Digi not arrived! in subject line. this should solve the problem. And, one more thing! YOU NEED A PRINTER! Happy Crafting, ((Lyn))

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Dizzy The Dragon #4140

This is Dizzy the Dragon, (not to be confussed by Dizzy The Puppy!) was drawn way back in 2015 but forgotten I think, as I couldn't find him anywhere!  (You might find him, but I couldn't!) Well, in the end I did find him, otherwise he wouldn't be here, would he? No Lyn he wouldn't!!
Haven't any cards made with him yet, so looking forward to seeing some soon! here's two I coloured on the computer some time ago...
Dizzy The Dragon    #4041   99p

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Ike's New Cat Lovers Challenge Blog!

Show Us Your Pussies! Yes, that's right! Get out your pussies! Spyder's Other Corner is sponsoring Ikes brand new cat lovers challenge!

 Here's Ike's card using one of my pussy cat digis! The challenge  has already started and goes on until January 4th 2016!
 The theme for the1st ever challenge is...
 There's freebies to be found, you can download them and use them in Ike's first ever pussy-cat challenge
 So cat-nip over there and join in!! Don't pussy foot about!
Click here- mee -ow!!
 Spyder's 'Other' Corner

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Tubby Teddy Tumplyn (In His Santa Hat) #4128

Here's a little Christmas Bear.  Tubby Teddy Tumplyn. He's dressed up in his bedtime sleeper and wearing his Santa Hat.
Tubby Teddy Tumplyn (in his Stanta Hat) 99p

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Toadie's Hall #4127

Here's Toadie.... sitting on his toads-hall... (It sounded better in my head!) 

 And here's some great cards made by the Robyn's Fetish Design Team!


 ...And Laurence

I coloured this one on the computer

Toadie's Hall #4127  .99p


Saturday, 26 September 2015

Carrot-Top Bunny- Hop #4126

This little hopping bunny is dressed in a carrot top hat and a little jumper to match!

 Here's a card made by Ike using Carrots the Rabbit too

Carrot-Top Bunny-Hop #4126 .99p

Happy Birthday Curly Pussy Cat #4125

Here's a Curly Pussy Cat with a Birthday Present just for you!
Happy Birthday Curly Pussy Cat #4125 .99p

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Three Beach Huts Scene #4124

Three Beach Huts in a row, all set for some summer fun! Buy them separately below or save money and buy them here all together!

This fabulous card was made by Sandy's Crafty Bits Pop over and have a nifty at her blog!!

Three Beach Huts Scene #4124 £1.25

Friday, 7 August 2015

Sea Drift Beach Hut #4123

Here's the last of the set of three beach huts sold separately, scroll up to find all three together and save money!

                        This great card was made by Edwina.
Sea Drift Beach Hut. #4123 .99p

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Gone Fishin' Beach Hut #4122

Summer appears that it's not going to appear here in little ol' England, so I thought I'd add the second Beach Hut, in the hope it will coax the sun out from behind the clouds!

Gone Fishin' Beach Hut #4122

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Beach Bum Beach Hut #4121

It should be summer, so's here's a Beach Hut. Just right for keeping all our tackle dry!

 #4121 Beach Bum Beach House. 99p

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Spyder's Other Corner Sponsors Robyn's Fetish!

Spyder's Other Corner is sponsoring Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog with a Christmas in July Theme this week.  The winner will win five digi's of their choice from the store!
This lovely card by Edwina (along with her own rhyme) using Santa and his Little Penguin #4060
is just one of the fabulous cards made by the RF Design Team!
 This lovely card was made by chanya13
  Hope you can pop over and join in!!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Snowy Oak Tree #4120

It may have lost all its brances but this old Snowy Oak Tree is still a cosy home for one woodland creature! 

Ike made this fab card and added Pressy Bear too!

Snowy Oak Tree #4120 £1.25

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Halloween Mix #4118

 Here's a Halloween mix for you to add to your Halloween creations! Don't forget to show me!
Halloween Mix #4118 .99p

Ricky The Raccoon #4117

Here's Ricky The Raccoon, waving hello. I was going to have him peeping out of a dustbin (trash can) I may still do that. We don't have raccoons over here but I've seen them in zoos and on the telly stealing food from bins! 
Ike's been very busy again and made this fabulous wall hanging, Ike wrote... 'I coloured him digitally using very snall strokes to resemble hair. It made his eyes a bit bigger - the black bits - I then printed him and cut him out. He was mounted with foamies for added pop.'
Ricky The Raccoon #4117  .99p

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Rudolph In Stitches #4114

Here's a Christmas Reindeer for you...or he could be a moose or even an elk!
 I've called him... Rudolph In Stitches. #4114 .99p

Smiley Snowman Digital Stamp #4116

This is Smiley Snowman, already for Christmas with his tree, stocking and pressies!
Kitty from ktdesigns has make this fabulous card!!
 And Ike from Ike's World made this super card!!

Smiley Snowman #4116 .99p

Monday, 29 September 2014

Puurfect Christmas Pudding Pussy #4119

Here's a Christmas Kitty for you. I was having trouble finding the PayPal buttons! Luckily in the end, a nice Paypal man helped me out!
 And this fantastic creation below was made by the one and only Ike using Pudding Puss and one of my Christmas Reindeers that's on it's way very soon....(or is that a moose!?)

Puurfect Christmas Pudding Pussy #4119

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Carrots The Rabbit #4111

 Here's Carrots the Rabbit, with carrots not rats!! According to Ike, who's getting ready for Halloween,  he may be a rabied rat rabbit!! (try saying that ten times fast!)
Carrots The Rabbit #4111 .99p